taylorswift + peach/pink/fuschia

taylorswift your Home State Loves you!!

The University of Pittsburgh got all of their athletic departments + band to join in on this super fun version of Shake It Off!

» Another account of the 1989 Secret Session:

Yea. That’s basically what I said when her publicist Tree called me and asked me to attend a secret event on Saturday where they would have to take away my phone, where I would have to sign contracts, and where I would have to drive to an unknown location up in the hills where there’d be no…


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the year is 2086

shake it off comes on the radio

i take a deep breath…. my grandchildren say “grandma no”………..

but it’s too late……… i’m shaking my old ass as taylor sings

no one can stop me 

Taylor liked


i just want to ask taylor a list of dumb pointless questions that interviews dont cover. like if she watches pokemon. what she orders at subway. what her favorite type of sushi is. if she has a netflix account and if she watches orange is the new black. what does she want to name her first born daughter. just stuff that we’ll  prolly never get the answers to. 


is the number one streamed song on Spotify in the US right now!


when you accidentally touch a piece of gum under a desk



"I’m dancing on my own//I make the moves up as I go."


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